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Whats Involved In Replacing

Whats Involved In Replacing

There is much more to having windows replaced than one might initially think. Some homeowners are confused with all the specs such as U-Value, R-Value, air infiltration, etc. If you start listing, comparing, and creating pie-chartsfor all those values and numbers, it can become confusing very quickly.

The solution to this is to simply ask if the window is Energy Star Rated. If it is, you know the windows will meet the highest government standards. Don’t settle for anything less. Now you’re free to focus on some of the functional parts of the window. Be aware that a quality window has double locks and a minimum of 7/8" insulated glass for energy conservation.

Now, depending on your preference – single hung or double hung windows – ask what mechanism is used to manipulate the sashes. The constant force coil spring balance system is the best choice because it incorporates a titanium coil and may be designed to last a lifetime. Ask if their windows have a spring and string method (known as block and tackle) or spiral metal balances. The spring and string mechanism can offer ease of operation whereas the spiral system rarely maintains its initial ease. If one of those strings should break, ask if it’s replaced free of charge. The constant force coil spring balance system can come with a lifetime warranty. Keep in mind that a good quality hung window has sashes that tilt in, allowing you to clean both sides of the glass from the inside. You’ll want this feature whether you’re replacing first, second, or third floor windows.

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