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Replace Them Yourself Or Hire A Contractor

Replace Them Yourself Or Hire A Contractor

For the novice, replacing some or all windows in the home is, in reality, more than a monumental task. Yes, you can certainly buy the windows and then install them yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it, let alone suggest it. Please, if you are not a seasoned window installer, don’t tackle the job yourself. Would you be at ease removing the engine from your car and then installing a new one? No…and I wouldn’t either. For the vast majority of homeowners, obtaining the services of a qualified, experienced, and state licensed window contractor is the best course of action. One very important detail to keep in mind is that if you replace them yourself, this will void your warranty in most cases. Also, should you measure incorrectly, drop, break, or damage your windows or the area supporting the windows, you would have an additional expense, instead of having your contractor merely replace or repair the damage at no additional cost to you.

"Cost is actually the price you pay for your windows, including installation. Value is the return on your money in direct relation to that cost."

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