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Expansive Picture Windows Installed in New York & Connecticut

Picture Window Installation

The grandure of a beautiful Picture Window is the perfect complement to any home because they effortlessly compliment all the other window shapes and styles in the home. Our high performance Picture Windows feature a wide expanse of glass that perfectly highlights an attractive outdoor view. Working as well on the inside, our Picture Windows showcase your homes landscaping & scenery, while allowing your home to fill with natural light. Now, you can have that rich look in your home, with a beautiful new picture window installed by (company).

Check out the options for your beautiful new Picture Window here.

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Energy-Efficient Options

The latest window and door options to serve the energy-aware buyer

There is no doubt that consumer interest in energy efficiency has been on an upward trajectory in the last few decades. In fact, one recent report by Global Market Insights Inc. projects the market for energy-efficient windows in the U.S. looks to exceed $15 billion by 2024. Some of the credit, at least in part, has to go to Energy Star initiatives that started in the early 1990s to increase consumer awareness about the energy efficiency of everyday products.

But the fenestration industry has long been aware that movement toward more responsible construction goes far beyond Energy Star initiatives. Many manufacturers have, in turn, incorporated advanced energy technology into their windows and doors to speak to this ever-growing market of energy-conscious consumers. What follows is the latest collection of such products, with special attention to the energy-efficient attributes of each to help dealers bring the right options to their customers.

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