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Double Hung Window Installation in New York & Connecticut

The Double-Hung Window is the most popular style, with homeowners in the US today. With all of our busy schedules, we don't want life to be more dificult than it has to be. The advanced balance system makes double-hung windows unbelievably easy to open and close.

Our Double Hung windows, by Kensington Hight Performance Products are easy to clean from the inside. No more getting on a ladder to clean the outside of your windows. Buaety, energy efficiency and easy maintenance? What more could you want in your new replacement windows?

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Our Double Hung Window Features:

  • 12 point, fusion-welded frames and sashes add strength and long-term durability
  • Insulated, multi-chambered frame construction increases thermal performance
  • Maintenance free, solid vinyl lineal that never needs painting
  • Tilt, rotate, or lift window panes in for easy cleaning inside your home
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum screen frame with BetterVue® fiberglass screen mesh
  • Slim interior sash design allows for greater glass area
  • Dual-seal weatherstripping at the sill and head pocket. Triple Dual-seal on the sash.
  • Slider features a weep gate system that allows water to drain, and prevents air and insects from entering
  • Double hung features a sloped sill for water drainage

Five Degree Sloped Sill

Our true five degree slope sill runs water away and keeps air out. With our frame completely sealed and filled with CFC-free closed-cell foam, our double hung does not require frame weep holes.

Unique ILS™ Interlocking Sill

The ILS sash to sill interlock system creates an impenetrable air and water block along with the dual sealing system. The ILS prevents Negative and Positive air pressures from moving the bottom of the sash.

Deluxe Vent Limit

Easy operating deluxe vent latches limit movement of lower sash to restrict the size of the ventilated opening. The vent latches snap out to let in the evening breeze.

Deluxe Vent Limit And Recessed Tilt Latches

Aesthetically pleasing tilt latches allow you to clean the glass safely from inside your home. Vent limitation allows a restricted sash movement and peace of mind.

Double Hung Windows

Kensington Home Performance Products' double hung windows offer a timeless look coupled with superior window insulating technology.

Performance Enhanced Sashes

Easy operating cam lock and keeper secure and seal both sashes. Combined with the full length CMR interlock system, air infiltration is lower than the industry standard.

Multi-Level Weather Seals

Dual Pocket style weather stripping located in the head pocket and the sill system. Triple reinforced mylar weather strips on the sash to jamb lineal. These features create an industry leading low air infiltration rate of .03 cfm’s

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Double Hung Window Installation