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Replacement Window Installations in Milford, CT

Replacing your windows and entry doors with updated products does more than give your home a facelift. Nowadays, windows and doors with special coatings provide better indoor climate control, cost-efficiency and energy-efficiency while enhancing your curb appeal. In Milford, Connecticut and its surrounding communities, All-Pro Windows is your trusted partner when it comes to replacement doors and windows.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows with All-Pro?

In addition to eliminating cold and drafty rooms in the winter months, there are other important reasons to upgrade to replacement windows. Some of those reasons include: 

  1. Energy loss costs you money. Outdated windows and doors are not only entry and exit points for people, but they also allow your heated and cooled indoor air to escape. This results in substantial energy loss and higher utility bills. To compensate, smart homeowners switch to low e-glass windows that reflect radiant heat back outside when it’s hot and similarly reflect warmth back indoors in the winter. This can lower your energy bills by as much as 40%. 
  2. Repairing damaged or old windows will not boost energy efficiency. Even if you repair existing windows, rather than replace them, traditional glass is less durable than current options and does little to mitigate the loss of heat and cooling. Modern windows are stronger and virtually maintenance-free. They end up paying for themselves within 5 years, especially when you factor in your decreased utility costs. 

High-Quality Replacement Doors & Windows by All-Pro Windows

Replacement Entry Doors: Welcome guests into your home with an entry door that you can be proud of. If your front door has seen better days and is starting to look a little worse for wear, it may be time to swap it out for something fresh that fits seamlessly into the architecture of your property. All-Pro Windows offers entry doors made with premium durable materials in all sizes and styles, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect one.

Replacement Windows: Replacement windows are our specialty. Choose from a wide variety of available styles to suit your tastes, budget, and needs. 

Energy-Efficient Windows: Better energy efficiency translates into big savings on heating and cooling costs. All-Pro Windows is proud to offer two premiere branded options for your consideration. We offer the same low e glass used in the retrofit of the Empire State Building and at the 1929 Boeing 80A-1 restoration at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Let All-Pro Windows Upgrade Your Windows & Doors in Milford, CT

When you are ready for replacement windows and doors for your home or office in Milford, Connecticut, be sure to contact All-Pro Windows online or give us a call at 844-204-4252 to learn more about our offerings or to set up an appointment.   

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