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Replacement Window Installations in Waterbury, CT

If you’ve had your home for more than a decade, it is time to give it a bit of a facelift. After all, your home needs to suit your needs, and those needs change as time goes by.

However, most remodeling projects and renovations take days or weeks to complete, causing disruption to the day-to-day routine. For this reason, many homeowners avoid making the changes their home needs in a timely manner.

That does not have to be the case, however. One of the easiest, fastest, and least expensive ways to update your home is by installing replacement windows or by having your entry doors replaced. Tweaking a couple of features can make a big difference in curb appeal.

New windows and doors also offer you the added benefit of energy efficiency, making your HVAC work more effectively by keeping conditioned air inside your home where you need it the most. In Waterbury, Connecticut, no one understands window and door replacement better than All-Pro Windows.

Upgrade Your Connecticut Home with All-Pro Windows

At All-Pro Windows, we cater to discerning customers in Waterbury, CT and its neighboring communities. We offer windows and doors made with premium materials in all sizes and styles. Our list of options include:


Entry Doors:

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with All-Pro Windows

All-Pro Windows is also proud to offer a number of products designed to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and keep you and your loved ones comfortable through all kinds of weather:

  • Heat Mirror™ by Southwall Technologies – Heat Mirror is an insulating glass product developed by Southwall Technologies and is known as the world’s first commercially available low-e glass. Low-e means low emissivity – low-e glass has a microscopically thin transparent coating that reflects long-wave infrared energy or heat. It not only reflects heat back outside during the summer to keep your home cool, but it also reflects warm air back into your home and reduces the loss of radiant heat in the wintertime. Notably, Heat Mirror technology was used in the retrofit of 6,514 windows for the Empire State Building in New York City. 
  • Quantum2 Windows by KensingtonGlass™ - Quantum2 is an energy-efficient line of vinyl windows created by the experts at KensingtonGlass™. Suspended film technology boosts thermal performance, effectively heating your home and reducing condensation. It features fusion-welded sashes and frames that are air and watertight, filled with foam that helps boost insulation. 
  • Energy Efficient Windows – All-Pro Windows partners up with Kensington High Performance products to provide our customers in Waterbury the best solutions when it comes to broken, leaking windows and cold rooms. All of our energy-efficient window products come with a limited lifetime warranty, which means never having to worry about them again after they’ve been installed. 

Call All-Pro Windows to Upgrade Your Windows & Doors

Your journey to the home you’ve always dreamed of can begin with a single step. Call All-Pro Windows today at 844-204-4252 for window and entry door replacement services in the Waterbury area. You can also visit our Contact Us page and fill out our online form to set up an appointment. 


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