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Door and Window Replacement & Installation in West Hartford, Connecticut

According to, many of the homes in West Hartford, CT were built in 1959 or earlier. Most houses in the area are priced between $200,000 and $1,000,000. With those details, we can assume that residents of West Hartford need a reliable company for their window and door replacement needs, and that’s exactly where All-Pro Windows excels. 

All-Pro Windows has helped thousands of homeowners improve their homes since 1972. We only install the best products available in the market and our crew is highly-trained. We want our clients to have a comfortable home that they are proud of owning.

Sliding & Vinyl Windows by All-Pro Windows in West Hartford

For older homes, which are common in West Hartford, window and door replacement may be necessary. Older doors and windows can last for 20 to 30 years, but after that period, you will start to see signs that they need replacement. The newer window and door models we have present several advantages compared to the older ones. 

You can enhance the security of your home by installing newer doors and windows; the latest models are hard to break into but easy to open from the inside. Modern doors and windows are also several times more energy-efficient compared to the older ones. Aside from that, replacing your property's doors and windows can give it a fresh new look. 

Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Vinyl Windows - The addition of vinyl windows is one of the most popular choices for home remodeling projects. It’s no mystery, as vinyl windows are very energy-efficient and are quite easy to use. You can open and close them effortlessly from the inside, but would-be burglars would have a hard time breaking in. Aside from that, they’re also easy to clean. 

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  • Sliding Windows - Sliding windows are the best option if you want a great view of your home's surroundings. They’re easy to maintain and clean, and they’re also easy to operate. They just slide; no complex mechanical operation involved. 

  • Double Hung Windows - If you’re aiming for the traditional look, then double-hung windows are perfect for you. They’re the most popular kind of windows in America. Kensington High-Performance Products provides all our double-hung windows, so you can expect excellent quality and durability.

  • Casement & Awning Windows - If your aim is to have control over the amount of fresh air that gets in and out of your home, then casement and awning windows are for you. They let you control how much of the windows are open. These windows involve mechanical operation using heavy-duty crankcases to open and close. 

  • Bay & Bow Windows - Imagine a space where you can spend lazy days reading a book or just sipping coffee. Bay and bow windows are perfect for such days. They allow light from three different angles. 

Contact All-Pro for the Best Bay & Bow Windows in West Hartford, CT

For window and door replacement in West Hartford, CT, the undisputed leader is All-Pro Windows. Please give us a call at 844-204-4252 for your inquiries. You can also send us your questions via our contact form on our contact us page. 

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