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Testimonial of Walter and Barbara G. Kortrey

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Dear Greg:
My husband and I are very pleased with the windows and doors your company installed in our home. From start to completion, the representatives of All-Pro Windows have been knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant individuals with whom to work.

We began exploring the possibility of replacement of three outside doors and nineteen windows by collecting data from a wide variety of reputable companies and by discussing our needs with their sales representatives.   Because ours is an older home, the sticking point in each discussion was our need for non-standard  sizes.  In each discussion, the response was virtually the same.  "We will shim your openings to fit our standard pre-manufactured  sizes."

Neighbors invited us over one afternoon to see some windows that had been replaced by All-Pro Windows. We were impressed with the product and with their description of the attention to detail in meeting specific needs.  We had seen your company's display at SAM's Club and on our next visit to the store, filed out a card with our name and phone number. Within three days, we received a call offering to come to our home for further discussion.  In the two years prior, no other company had made such a suggestion.

When you arrived at our home, Greg, you were well prepared with precise information and samples to demonstrate the various qualities of your product.  You answered our each of our questions directly and respectfully. You also raised questions for us to consider that we might have overlooked in purchasing from another company. We were particularly impressed when you said, "We make the windows and doors to fit YOUR needs." No more standard, prefabricated units, you offered individualized products that helped us maintain and enhance the character of our home while improving the heating efficiency of the entire house.

Based on prior experiences with remodeling, we anticipated a significant delay in manufacturing and in­ stallation but again we were impressed with your company's careful attention to the customer's needs. You individually measured each of our windows, indicated that another company representative would be visiting to double check the measurements and that manufacture would begin immediately.  Within a period of six weeks, nineteen windows of varying sizes were ready for installation.

Another pleasant surprise came in the phone call from Jim. "We want to make an appointment for installation of your windows. When would it be convenient for you?"  On the day of installation, two very pleasant men arrived by 8:30 A.M. bringing with them everything that was needed to complete the job.  They were courteous and very efficient, working steadily to remove and replace all nineteen windows in a single day.  The next day the outside trim work was completed by early afternoon. In a day and a half they had completed the task, removed all traces of the old windows, storms and screens and cleaned up all traces of the activity.

Through the winter months, we have seen a significant decrease in the amount of fuel required to heat our home.  All-Pro Windows have fulfilled our expectations of efficiency, have been easy to use, to clean and we joyfully anticipate many years without the twice a year task of removing and hanging heavy storm windows and screens.

Our satisfaction with the windows made our decision to work with your company in the replacement of three outside doors a no-brainer!    Again you came to our house fully prepared with information and creative possibilities to handle some unusual needs.  An outside door that opened to the outside and opened to the left?  No problem, you said, "we make your doors to fit YOUR needs!"  It was a familiar promise that we knew we could trust.  Every other company we had talked to had said, no, we don't make doors that can do that, outside doors are supposed to open in!

Again, you meticulously measured each door and the multiple pane side glass panels that would be part of the front door unit. Again a representative of the company and a manufacturer's representative came within a few days to double check the measurements and reexamine the unique requirements of our home. Again, manufacturing was begun promptly and you called to say they were ready for installation. Again, you were very helpful in working around our scheduling needs.

As before, the installers arrived by 8:30 A.M. with everything that was needed for the job, went immediately to work and in a single day, removed and replaced all three units. They returned the following morning to complete the trim work and again the entire project was completed in a day and a half.

If we had needed additional confirmation of  the energy saving quality of All-Pro Windows, it was vividly demonstrated when the doors were installed.  On a typically chilly March day, with doorways open to the outside, and the thermostat turned down, the interior temperature of the house dropped throughout the day.  We closed off our study early in the morning and spent much of the day comfortably working in that room. The indoor thermometer we had placed in the study confirmed that the temperature in that one room did not drop during the course of the day.

In all phases of the job, your follow up has been much appreciated. You have taken the initiative to call to address any concerns we might have had and have been very helpful in answering and in anticipating questions.

The All-Pro Windows team has lived up to our highest expectations.  Each representative we have dealt with has been highly qualified, efficient and courteous.  All-Pro Windows offered a competitive price structure and a quality product that has added to the overall value of our home.  We are happy to  suggest All-Pro Windows to our friends and neighbors and invite them to come, see for themselves.

With our thanks,


Walter A. Kortrey
Barbara G. Kortrey