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What to Know About Buying Vinyl Replacement Windows

When you decide to replace your existing windows with vinyl replacement windows, you are making a good investment. Not only are vinyl windows more durable than other options you may have, but they are also cost-effective and easier to maintain. These windows are also considered one of the easiest to install and will give you the best value for your money.

While vinyl windows are indeed a good choice for replacing old windows with, there are a few considerations that you need to make before you make your purchase. To ensure that you get the best possible windows for your home, here are some things to remember when purchasing vinyl replacement windows:

  • Check for quality construction – not all vinyl windows are made alike, therefore there are some that are more durable than others. Look for windows that come with guarantees and check what each window option you have is made of. The best vinyl windows come with additives that protect it from fading, yellowing, and from becoming brittle. The best vinyl windows also come with features that give it strength and rigidity.
  • Choose the right glass – for your vinyl replacement windows to have the kind of energy efficiency that you expect it to have, make sure you choose the right glass for it. Double pane glass that comes with warm-edge spacers and inert gas in between panes is ideal.
  • Check the warranty – vinyl windows that come with a double lifetime warranty is usually your best bet since these are backed by their manufacturers for durability and efficiency. If these fail or suffer from any form of damage, these are usually replaced free of charge by the manufacturer.
  • Check for care instructions – while most vinyl windows require the same kind of care and cleaning, the design of some windows should be taken into consideration when you need to use specific equipment for cleaning these. For example, double-hung windows with double panes should never be washed using a pressure washer since this can damage the air-tight seal of such windows.

Aside from finding out more about the quality of the windows you are thinking of installing in your home, you also need to find a reliable window installer for this. Not installing your windows the right way can damage these and negate the energy efficiency of such windows. In New York & Connecticut, the company to trust with the installation of your vinyl replacement windows is All Pro Windows. Aside from energy efficient window installation, we also install replacement entry doors, and heat mirror film on your existing windows.

For all your replacement window and entry door needs, contact us at 844-204-4252 and we will gladly help you determine which ones are best for your home.