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Types of Windows to Inspire Your Remodel

Types of Windows to Inspire Your Remodel

Not all windows are created equal. Some designs motivate people to move forward with their home remodeling ideas while others leave them wanting more. If you are contemplating renovating your home but need some ideas about the best type of windows to fit your plans, here are some window designs and their benefits that might make you want to push through with it.

  • Casement Windows – This traditional window design is one of the most popular styles around. It allows homeowners the freedom to let cool breezes into their home when they desire while providing the energy-efficiency they want when closed. Casement windows come with wide panes of glass that give you uninterrupted views of the outside without compromising on energy efficiency.
  • Picture Windows – As the name indicates, this kind of window gives you a picture-like, panoramic view of the outside. Picture windows come with huge panes of glass that allow you to see the outside without any obstructions. These windows do not open, which make them a great choice for energy efficiency. This design also makes it easier to clean because you won’t have to worry about the panes moving while you wipe them down or squeegee them.
  • Bay and Bow Windows – These are popular styles for people who love multi-use windows in their home. Bay and bow windows not only give your home added oomph with their protruding design, but they also add space to a room. This added space can be used in many different ways, with some homeowners adding a window seat and others including a desk in the design. These windows also allow a lot of natural light into your home with their multi-window design.
  • Slider Windows – Another option for homeowners who want the freedom to let air in or out of their home with ease is the slider window. This window design lets you enjoy proper ventilation when you want it and energy-efficiency when you need it. With its side-sliding movement, you can easily open and close it when needed. The simplicity of this window’s design gives you a lot of design freedom for your home remodeling ideas.

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Whatever window type inspires you to move forward with your home renovation ideas, you should always keep in mind that proper installation is crucial to your getting maximum benefits from these windows. This is where All-Pro Windows comes in. We are the company to trust with your window needs in New York & Connecticut, with years of experience and knowledge to back us up.

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