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The Best Time to Replace Patio Doors

Having a patio door gives you easy access to the outdoors and adds an aesthetic quality to your home. These help you easily enjoy your patio, backyard, and other outdoor spaces that it lets you get to. Your patio doors however can suffer from wear and tear, just like the rest of the other parts of your house, and may need replacing without you realizing it.

How can you tell if your patio doors need to be replaced? When is the right time to consider replacing these doors? Here are some indicators that show it is a good idea to do this:

The Best Time to Replace Patio Doors
  • They are difficult to open – when your patio doors are constantly getting stuck, and you are having a hard time sliding or swinging these open, you should check it for damage. If you have sliding doors and no amount of greasing helps to make these easier to open and close, getting these replaced is a must. The same goes for other types of patio doors. If these don’t open and close as easily as these did before, getting a new one should be considered.
  • Your energy bills are rising – when you notice your energy bills going up even when you have not changed your usage habits, your patio doors might be the cause. Check to see if there are drafts and air leaks around your patio doors by doing the candle test. If this test shows you that the doors leading to your patio does let in air from the outside even when it is closed, think about replacing it ASAP.
  • You notice physical damage – if you see cracking, chipping, or rotting on the frame of your patio door, or if you notice cracks in the glass, then it is definitely time to get a new one in its place. Not only will such damage compromise your home’s energy consumption but it will also cause problems with the security of your house.

When you need to replace your patio doors, whether it is because it is damaged, is no longer airtight, or simply because you want to give your home in the New York & Connecticut area a new patio door, the company to rely on for this is All-Pro Windows. We are a company that specializes not only in replacement windows, but also in replacing doors in your home. We have a selection of patio doors for you to choose from as well as French doors and sliding glass doors for your home.

When you need to have your doors replaced or have new ones installed, contact us at 844-204-4252 and we will gladly help you find the best door for your needs.