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Increase Your Home's Value with New Doors

Increase Your Home's Value with New Doors


Increase Your Home's Value with New Doors


Those who are looking to increase the value of their home are sometimes advised to replace their windows and install new doors. It is considered one of the simplest home improvement projects that can make your home look better and increase your property value.

But it raises one question for many homeowners: How can adding new doors increase the value of my home?

The answer: Fresh doors make your home look newer and better.

These new doors also provide other benefits that aid in increasing your home’s overall value. The list includes:

  • New doors are more durable and more secure – Today's newer doors are more durable than their predecessors, particularly doors made of fiberglass. That makes fiberglass doors more secure than wood or metal options from yesteryear. They also last longer because they will not rust, warp, dent, or bow even when exposed to inclement weather.
  • New doors are more energy efficient – When a home is considered energy-efficient, it will increase the value of a home. Energy efficiency is considered an upgrade, with the lowered energy costs benefiting the homeowner. This is why it is a good idea to install new and energy-efficient doors as well as windows if you are aiming to boost your property value.
  • New doors help reduce noise from the outside – When partnered with new windows, new doors will help keep outside noise from from penetrating your home. This is also considered a benefit that helps make your house more valuable and attractive to prospective buyers.

All Pro Windows Sets the Standard for Your New Doors

If you are thinking of replacing your entry doors to help increase your home’s overall value, or simply because you want to give your home in New York & Connecticut a makeover, the company to trust is All Pro Windows. We specialize in the installation of new doors, window replacements, and energy efficient additions such as heat mirror film technology. Aside from front entry doors, we also have patio doors, French doors, and sliding glass doors.

To give your home a new look and to make your property more valuable, contact us at 844-204-4252. Our friendly customer service personnel will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a free estimate.