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Explaining Heat Mirror Technology

With many people opting to live an energy efficient lifestyle, a lot of industries are beginning to develop new ways to help lower a household’s electrical consumption. You can find thousands of home improvement products that feature energy-saving qualities, from heating or cooling units to insulating materials.

As a homeowner, having a variety of energy efficient systems gives you more opportunities to increase your energy savings. However, if you’re working on a tight budget, your choices may be limited. Fortunately, there are several affordable products that can help you achieve your goal. Some examples include windows that feature Heat Mirror™ technology.

What’s Heat Mirror™ Technology?

The two main functions of Heat Mirror™ glass are to reduce heat transfer and keep your living spaces in a pleasant climate. However, unlike most insulated windows, Heat Mirror™ technology is specifically designed to slow down heat loss and gain more effectively than ordinary windows. The reason behind such incredible temperature control lies in the construction of Heat Mirror™ windows.

Heat Mirror™ Technology

A typical window with Heat Mirror™ technology consists of the following:

  • High-efficiency Krypton gas
  • Two panes of double-thick glass
  • Five coatings of Low-E glass
  • Suspended Heat Mirror™ film technology
  • More layers of coated polyester films and air cavities between the glass panes

That said, Heat Mirror™ windows offer unmatched energy efficiency and have R-values that average between 8 and 13. They can also block up to 99.7% of harmful UV rays – preventing your home from overheating.

More Reasons Why You Should Choose Heat Mirror™

Thanks to the incredible heat-reflecting properties of Heat Mirror™ technology, it has garnered immense praise in the science community and was used in many incredible structures.

  • Due to Heat Mirror’s ability to generate an extremely low heat signature, it’s applied to the windows on the B2 Stealth Bomber – making the aircraft undetectable to radar equipment.
  • Each of the windows in the iconic Empire State Building has been updated with Heat Mirror™ This makes one of the tallest skyscrapers in New York one of the most efficient and greenest in the city.
  • Heat Mirror™ was named as one of the 100 greatest inventions around the house of the last 1,000 years by Popular Science magazine.

Interested in retrofitting or replacing your current windows with Heat Mirror™ technology? Then contact All Pro Windows, LLC today. Our company is an authorized dealer and distributor of Heat Mirror™ in New York and Connecticut.

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