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Add French Doors to Your Home

French Door

One sure-fire way to give your home a classy makeover is to have a set of lovely French Doors installed. Not only do these doors exude style and elegance, they also will enhance your home's security. That makes French doors a rare blend of form and function for homeowners. If you’d like to add some French doors to your home, be sure to contact the certified professionals from All-Pro Windows, LLC. We’ll ensure that your French doors are perfectly set up for the maximum wow factor.

Security and Style Combined

French doors offer more protection than other types of doors. As they are hinge-type doors that swing outward, they can’t be kicked in or forced open with brute force. Their hinges, while exposed, are usually fastened with non-removable pins so they can’t be unscrewed. Finally, they have three locking points: top, bottom and middle. The middle lock typically is a firm and steadfast deadbolt. With a set of French doors installed in your home, you’ll never have to worry about burglars having an easy time breaking into your home.

They’re not just great at keeping people out, however. French doors are designed with elegance and beauty in mind, with solid wood and glass making up most of its construction. This entire setup is tastefully accented with metal handles and hinges. French doors are a superior choice when looks and functionality are considered.

Make Your Living Space Seem Bigger, Increase Natural Light, and More

French Door

Installing French doors in your home will make your living space look bigger and more expansive than it actually is, thanks to the transparent glass paneling that makes up the core of its construction. This also allows more natural light into your house, giving it a more rustic and airy feel. However, if you wish for your set of French doors to match the style of your current house, you can have the design customized to your liking.

Reap all the benefits of French Doors

Having French doors installed in your home inherently raises its value, just like any home improvement measure would. However, as French doors are much more appealing and stylish than typical replacement doors, the bump in your home’s value will definitely be higher. As an added bonus, French doors also save you a bit of money when it comes to regulating the temperature of your home. The solid glass can help prevent cooling or heating bleed.

Get your French Doors installed by All-Pro Windows, LLC

If you’re in the Connecticut or New York area and you want French doors installed in your home, contact us online at All-Pro Windows, LLC or give us a call at 844-204-4252. We have years of expertise and experience that can help you select the best French doors to suit your budget and your home. We also offer other services that pertain to home improvement, such as replacing your windows with more stylish and energy-efficient types.