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What is R-Value?

If you hear your window replacement contractor mention the term R-value and not know what they are talking about, you are not alone. This term is, after all, something that proponents of energy conservation and contractors know all about but the general public does not. To help you understand what R-value means, here is a primer on it.

In a nutshell, R-value is the energy efficiency of a home. It was originally coined for use in rating the insulation levels of a home, with a higher R-value rating indicating better insulation than one with a lower number. When it comes to windows, the R-rating indicates the window’s resistance to heat flow.

The R-value of a window is calculated according to each component used in the window’s entire construction. In short, the different parts of a window come with different R-values. Your window pane can have an R-value of 5 while its frame can have an R-value of 4.

Some windows may come with window panes and frames with the same R-values, which is why some manufacturers label these R-5 windows. If the different components of the assembly come with different R-values, manufacturers utilize what is called a U-value, which is the insulation rating of the window assemblage. These ratings have the same function as R-values, with higher U-valued windows being better at keeping warm air or cold air inside the home as lower U-valued windows.

Importance of These Ratings to Your Replacement Windows

If your window replacement contractor tells you that one window has a higher R-value or U-value than another window, they are showing you which window is more energy efficient. When a window is more energy efficient, you will end up with more savings in the long run since these will help lower your energy bills. An energy efficient window will help keep warm air or air-conditioned air in your home way better than a window that is not rated for energy efficiency.

When your contractor tells you that your window choice has an R-value of 5, ask them if they are talking only about the glass. If they are, ask about the U-value of the window for you to get a better grasp at the energy efficiency of your choice. If they say that the R-value is “full-frame”, then it means the rating is for the entire window.

Before you have your windows replaced, ask your chosen contractor what the R-value of their available windows are. All-Pro Windows is a company that specializes in window replacement and door replacement and they have a long list of energy efficient windows that you can choose from. If you are a resident of New York & Connecticut, and you are looking for the right energy efficient windows to replace your old, existing ones, we have what you need right here.

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